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Application range of high aluminum balls


Mainly in ceramic factories, data shows that using cobblestones (natural ball stones) + 10% high-aluminum balls (φ35MM) to grind mud can shorten the grinding time by 15% compared to using only cobblestones; using medium-aluminum balls + 30% high-aluminum balls Aluminum balls (φ35MM) grinding slurry can shorten the grinding time by about 30% compared to using only medium-aluminum balls. Calculated simply based on the electricity cost saved, the higher cost of using high-aluminum balls can be reduced in about 2 years. Province” back. Reports from individual manufacturers show that ball mills use high-aluminum balls and high-aluminum lining bricks instead of medium-aluminum grinding ceramic raw materials. The ball stone loss is less than one-third of that of medium-alumina balls. The grinding time is shortened by 20%. The product quality is more stable and high. Aluminum products last longer, do not need to replace the ball lining frequently, and are more cost-effective overall. Using high-aluminum balls to grind raw materials can not only save electricity bills and increase output, but also improve the efficiency of mechanical use, which has a great protective effect on mechanical equipment.

In addition to the ceramic industry, quartz, chemical and other industries are also trying to use high alumina balls for production. Among them, the quartz factory is mainly used to produce silica powder. Practice has proved that, for example, when producing 325-mesh silica powder, using high alumina balls instead of quartz balls for grinding can significantly improve the output and product quality, such as whiteness, uniformity, etc., and due to the loss speed Not as fast as quartz balls, it saves the labor and time costs of adding ball stones. The main problem encountered when using high-aluminum balls is that due to their high hardness and brittleness, dry grinding can easily cause the stones to crack and the surface of the stones to be pitted, resulting in very high wear. Therefore, they can only be used after being calibrated before leaving the factory. The method of polishing ball stones is to select the ball stones that are cracked or highly worn to minimize the loss of customers.