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The function of high aluminum ball

Mainly used for grinding, it is the grinding body of fine grinding equipment such as ball mills, ball mills, and vibration mills. Its grinding efficiency and wear resistance are much better than ordinary pebbles or natural pebbles.

Mainly in ceramic factories, data shows that using 10% cobblestone high-aluminum ball grinding mud can shorten the grinding time by 15% than using only pebbles; grinding mud using aluminum balls and 30% aluminum balls can shorten the grinding time than using only aluminum balls. About 30% of the time, relying solely on saving electricity bills, can save the relatively high cost of the product in about 2 years. According to reports from some manufacturers, the ball mill uses high-alumina lining bricks instead of medium-alumina grinding ceramic raw materials. The ball stone loss is less than one-third of the medium-alumina balls, thus shortening the grinding time by 20%, making the product quality more stable and extending the service life of high-aluminum products. It is longer and does not require frequent replacement of ball linings, making the overall use more cost-effective. Using this product to grind raw materials can not only save electricity bills and increase output, but also improve the efficiency of machinery and have a great protective effect on mechanical equipment.

In addition to the ceramic industry, the seasonal and chemical industries are also trying and using this product for production. Among them, the seasonal factory is mainly used to produce silica powder. Practice has proven that using high-aluminum balls instead of seasonal balls for grinding can significantly improve output and product quality, such as whiteness and uniformity. And because the loss speed is not as fast as the seasonal balls, the labor and time costs of adding ball stones are saved. The main problems encountered during use are the high hardness and brittleness of high-aluminum balls. Dry grinding can easily cause cracks and pits on the surface of the pebbles, leading to wear and tear. Only by polishing the pebbles before leaving the factory can you pick out cracked or worn pebbles and minimize the user's losses.

Through the introduction of "What is the function of high aluminum balls", we know that aluminum balls are used in different types of ceramics because of their excellent properties such as high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, specific gravity, small size, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. , enamel, glass, chemical and other factories are widely used for finishing and deep processing of thick and hard materials.